Protecting Yourself From All Sources of Porn

I don’t feel a strong need to seek out porn like I did before. I do however need to get a different phone as I forgot that stuff is accessible on it as well and slipped up. It’s a Blackberry and I talked to Verizon and they said there is no way to filter the internet on the Blackberry. Their content filter works on other phone models though so I will get a different one.

Anyway I was thinking over the weekend about an interesting paradox. When we subscribe to cable TV we usually subscribe to certain channels and leave out the bad ones. Of course we do this because it would be silly to have bad channels easily accessible on TV for no reason. However, even though the internet is also like the TV, we treat it very differently. We don’t subscribe to certain websites(channels) but instead we get the entire internet then it is our job to try and block all the channels(websites) in our homes. All the while porn sites and companies make it more and more impossible to block all of them. See the paradox in how we treat TV and Internet so differently even though they are basically the same thing when it comes to entertainment? So we should all be protecting ourselves from the bad stuff on the internet, not just those addicted to porn. This is also true with phones these days since it sits around in our homes and can easily access any material.

I no longer feel so weak that I want to go out and seek porn outside the home like before. Now I feel like protective measures at home are enough. However, porn is like alcohol, if I had a bottle of alcohol in my refrigerator right now then I would eventually give in and drink it. So people who are recovering cannot have porn easily accessible on the TV, the Internet, or even their phones, especially during the post acute withdrawal symptoms, which can last for several months or more.


Good news by the way. I was very frustrated last weekend because I couldn’t get an internet filter working on my Blackberry phone. As it turns out Blackberry does not support any filtering. So I went and bought a new phone yesterday, a Google Andriod phone. The Verizon content filter worked on it but it was all or nothing. In other words it filters everything good with the strict settings and the other settings let too much through. Anyway, I was mad because I bought an expensive phone thinking it was going to be safe. So I searched around and finally found a way to make the phone safe. I found a monitoring program that works similar to covenanteyes but it also works on Andriod phones. It is here:

Anyway, there is no way to make a Blackberry safe. Andriods and Iphones can use the program I mentioned above.

This frustrating effort to protect myself from all sources of bad media has led me to a conclusion. People who are struggling with bad media should not be surfing the internet in privacy. 1. Even if they have a filter, in a moment of weakness they will find a way around it. 2. Relapse ends up being much longer than it should since an accountability partner would have helped the person stand back up and try again instead of secretly binging and getting more discouraged and weak.

So a filter coupled with some type of monitoring that emails a partner your browsing activities should do the trick.

Internet Porn Addiction

When speaking of porn addiction it is usually common to speak of internet porn addiction specifically. Why is this? Well for one, porn on the internet is plentiful and private. This creates the perfect recipe for an addiction to such. In fact, an internet porn addiction progresses at an exponentially faster rate than any other type of porn addiction.

Does this mean all is lost if you are addicted to porn on the internet? No, of course not, though it may feel that way. What it does mean is you have some tough choices to make. Do you get rid of the internet all together or perhaps get a decent filter/monitoring software. Perhaps you are in a job that requires you to use the internet on a daily basis. Is it time to go into another career field? These are decisions you need to study out and make yourself. What is saving and preserving your character worth to you? The reason for that question is simple; an internet porn addiction will quickly rob you of your great character traits

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Best Internet Filter and Monitoring Software

I have used and tested many different Internet filters and have come to the conclusion that most fall short of being a reliable way to protect yourself from exposure to pornography. There are many different ways to filter content but there is no 100% full proof method. Depending on the degree of your pornography addiction or weakness you may need to do more than just have a filter on your computer. Continue reading…