How Important are Diet and Exercise for Overcoming Addiction?

Are diet and exercise really that important for overcoming an addiction? You’ve already heard how important diet and exercise is for good physical and mental health but how would this specifically apply to an addiction? Perhaps you’ll be surprised how neglecting these areas of your life are actually making it a lot more difficult to […]

Using a Counterintuitive Approach to Overcome Porn Addiction

Don’t Lock Horns with the Devil Mark Chamberlain, Ph.D. Kevin thought he was addicted to pornography. “I must be. I’ve tried so hard to stop. I’ve worked for the last five years at it, and yet I still can’t kick the habit completely.” When I talked to him about his approach, it sounded like he […]

Recovery Program Review

Best Recovery Program One of the first books I ever read on the subject of pornography addiction was called “The Drug of the New Millennium–The Brain Science Behind Internet Pornography Use”” written by Mark Kastleman. It explains in dept how the body works when it is under the control of a sexual addiction. Little did […]

How to Stop Porn Addiction

There is much advice on this site about how to stop porn addiction. There is quite a range of suggestions involving physical and mental techniques. One of the top contributing factors to an addiction is an addiction to a certain thought pattern. Meaning you have been thinking a certain way for so long that it […]

Importance of Spirituality for the Addicted

If I did not tell you about how spirituality helped me more than anything when overcoming addiction then I would be hiding something very important from you. I initially considered keeping this site religiously neutral. However, I found this difficult to do without leaving out some important parts of the subject. Spirituality is very important […]